About me


I'm kvj. I currently live in northern Poland, Europe. Studying to be computer technician in the future. I'm passionate about many topics, but my favourite is self-hosting.


Besides this website, I host a mail server, gitea, searxng, Gentoo Linux® mirrors and a few other services. I host everything on Gentoo Linux [OpenRC, Clang, Musl] as host operating system inside docker containers.

My hardware

Hardware of this server consists of an Intel CPU i3-10100F, 32GB of GoodRam IRDM X 32GB 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 memory, Dell T7500's PSU and Asrock H510M-HDV motherboard.
On my main PC I also have Intel CPU, but a different model, i5-10400F, 16GB of memory, 0,9kW Chieftec PSU and Gigabyte B460MDS3HV2 motherboard. On this machine I also run Gentoo Linux.